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PETA Prospectus

PETA provide the highest quality service and training for employers, learners and stakeholders. In designing the apprenticeships and full time course guide the idea of continued learning was distilled into the simple idea of the tree of knowledge, to create a simple messaging style with impact.

Aquilo Website

Villa Aquilo is a premium holiday villa located in the Aegean. To stand out in such a competitive market, the website has been designed to be distinctively simple, showcasing the property and its beautiful location. To help potential clients the website links to various external sites to arrange a booking, and check flights and local ferries.

Aqua Platinum Brochure

In creating compelling and relevant brochures, it’s important to know the objectives, the audience and the purpose. The brochure for Aqua Platinum reflects their innovative and inspiring approach to pool design by allowing their unique projects to speak for themselves, and is enhanced by combining various production techniques and paper stocks.

Grepi Branding Realignment: Brochure

We have worked with Grepi Plast in Norway for many years, and have designed a wide range of packaging and literature helping them to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-tech composite material plugs for the building industry. The acquisition of the company by the Oslo-based Mezonic group required a complete brand realignment.

Grepi Branding Realignment: Packaging

By combining the existing Grepi branding with colours from Mezonic’s palette, the new packaging and printed material has been designed to allow Grepi to be successfully integrated into the Mezonic family of products.

FGS Website

FGS is a leader in technology for fish conservation, and they required a website to disseminate a comprehensive overview of their highly technical products and services. The result is a content-heavy website, but designed and organised to allow users from the scientific and conservation community easily access the highly technical content.

Curran Dental Brochure

Curran’s service within the dental sector had grown significantly and a new cohesive concept was required to convey how their various services could be integrated. The Curran Connected brochure draws this all together by creating an array of colourful and dynamic elements, together with a range of bespoke product service icons.

Sepsis 2016 Announcement

The design of the conference first announcement was developed to establish a narrative and style by focusing on the venue location. This could then be adapted for use on subsequent items to create a brand identity for the symposium.

Acticare Catalogue

Working closely with Acticare resulted in a 336 page catalogue to showcase their products and services to the nursing home care sector. A catalogue relies on a combination of design skills and an understanding of how to lay out information in a clear and concise way, but when successfully done it is an effective way to create product awareness and increase traffic to your website.

TCT Blueprint Book

The Teenage Cancer Trust had identified the need to use their expertise to deliver a blueprint for a programme of care to be used by clinicians and nurses. We were tasked with visually creating a clear and concise publication consistent with their identity and brand in the form of a 130 page perfect bound book.

Tiger Tailoring Logo

Tiger Tailoring manufacture clothing and uniforms for the commercial sector. The Tiger Tailoring logo has been designed to give prominence to the company name making it instantly memorable, and its simplicity ensures that it can be used in a wide variety of mediums, including printing and embroidery on garment labels.

UKCS 2018 Conference logo

Working with our client Index Communications, we have developed the logo and branding theme for the first joint meeting of the UKCS and Pelvic Floor Society. The conference venue is Telford in the UK, and the logo draws inspiration from the historic Iron Bridge. The logo symbolises coming together, with the dominant blue and the green colours each representing one of the societies.

Oldroyd Tunnel Membrane

To raise awareness of the benefits of using Oldroyd’s high tech tunnel membrane, we have developed new full-page advertising for their home market in Norway. Media coverage has included building trade magazines and the in-flight magazine of Widerøe – Norway’s top internal airline.

PETA Directory

Having worked with PETA previously, we have been asked to work with them again to develop some new branding themes and design the new course prospectus. The latest design draws upon the core PETA identity which we developed with them several years ago, and highlights the different approach PETA provides in helping young people to fulfill their potential through apprenticeships and training as an alternative to university.

PETA: Rollup banners

To help PETA attract more year 13 college leavers to apprenticeships and courses we created the ‘GET’ campaign. With its own separate and colourful branding, it focuses on the benefits the student can ‘GET’ by considering this option instead of a more traditional university course. Along with many other branded touchpoints, rollup banners for use at various event days were created. The whole initiative was extremely successful in helping to drive course take-ups, with the brand being expanded for a second year in 2019.

SEPSIS: Future Meetings 2020 /2021